Friday, 29 June 2007

Ever wondered what's inside those fabric doorstops?

This is a picture from a while ago, but seeing as my mum suggested writing about all the funny things that happen I thought I would post it here. I should say, they're probably only funny when they happen to someone else.

All of our dogs are rescues and Charlie has always been a bit naughty. He had serious separation anxiety for a while.

Anyway, on a trip to my mum's spiritual home (Au Naturel, on the retail park in St Helens) I bought I lovely fabric doorstop with the intention of copying the design. I did plan to take it apart and use the pattern but it was so nice I decided to keep it.

Unfortunately, Charlie got hold of it first. This is what I came home to the next day.

Incidentally, if you're wondering what's inside those fabric doorstops (I did and, apparently, so did Charlie) it's some kind of cat-litter gravel type stuff. It makes a bloody mess, anyway!

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vevie said...


I hope you had a good vacuum machine. Charlie looks like he did something wrong too.. lololol