Monday, 30 July 2007

The "Unipack" gene

At Petsmart at the weekend, Anthony and I spent quite a lot of time looking at the small furries (because I always have to). Anyway, as Ant put his finger in the cage to stroke a particularly large and cute black lop-eared rabbit, I noticed a warning sign above - "STOP!" I yelled "He bites". "How do you know?" asked Anthony. I pointed at the sign, and read it again.

"Corn Bunny Bites" Then I read the next line "- £2.25 per bag". D'OH!

I have named this phenomenon "the unipack gene" as I believe it must be passed down through the female line.

This is the gene which is also responsible for pearls of wisdom such as:

"You know rats ... if there's one there's more than one, but if there's two there's thousands" and "Whose are those cola trainers?"

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