Saturday, 29 September 2007

Me? Spoiled???

Anthony is home today (hurray) from his trip to America. Lovely to have him home - even though it will mean a return to sleepless nights listening to him snoring. It's nice to know that the current crisis with Northern Rock hasn't affected the Bank Of Anthony, and he has just purchased the Janome 6260QC for me. It's a special "quilters' companion" - because we quilters need a friend sometimes (because nobody talks to us at parties?).

Anyway, it should arrive on Tuesday and then I have no excuses for leaving my pieced but not sewn together patchwork over the banister - it has already been there for two weeks! Maybe he's trying to tell me something?

Hopefully, it will also be a good "all round" machine for my bag making, and should cope well with lots of layers of fabric. Will post the results when I've had a little play.

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