Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Ermintrude basket

This is just my fave fave bag. I was going to name it after my sister, who is 40 today (Happy Birthday Louise) but I thought she might think I was either calling her a cow or a basket case and because she is harder than me neither of these I've thought better of it. I'll pick another to be her bag.

This is great, roomy, extra interfaced to make it tough and has these lovely rattan handles. I also rounded off the bottom from my usual basket bags and put a couple of darts in to give it a lovely rounded shape. I've lined it in black and white checked fabric which matches the grosgrain handle straps. Cute!


Marie said...

I LOVE this bag!! Gracie's just discovered the Magic Roundabout on Nick Jnr so we're all about the Ermintrude at the moment.

And your Louise is DEFINITLEY harder than you! She could take you any day :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE! (just in case you check in here :)).


I like to make stuff! said...

THANKS! I might keep it for me actually.