Friday, 19 October 2007

More bag lady!

Well, preparations are going well for the fair and I now have 20 bags ready to go. Phe -ew. I haven't got round to taking pictures of them for the site yet, but I have updated with some newbies that I made a while ago. One of them is this lovely purse/make-up bag,
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwhich uses a lovely silver purse frame and some rather yummy paisley print all the way from the US of A! I'll be selling a couple of these on the stall (unless they sell first or I decide to keep them all for me).

Other than that, had a busy day yesterday with Paddy needing a vet AGAIN - because he was feeling poorly and very sorry for himself. He now has some painkillers for the spondylosis so fingers crossed ... and THEN my neighbour called to say that Polly pusscat was sitting in her garden with snotty looking eyes so I had to go and bathe them and put ointment in **SIGH** Good job it was chippy tea night.

AND .... I've done some Christmas shopping hurray!

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