Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Yo-yo a go-go!

Firstly, I must apologise for the cruddy pictures. It's North Wales and it's raining, so you can imagine what the natural light is like today.
Jo asked me for a tute on these because I sold about a gazillion of them at the Craft Fair. Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed to call it a tutorial because it's so easy, it's actually only a tu...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
A couple of my yo-yo hair clips using cotton and vintage buttons.

These cute flower thingies are called yo-yos (or sometimes Yo-yo's, but as it's a plural and not a possessive noun I see no reason for the apostrophe). Anyway, they are really easy, really cute and you can put them on anything. This is a tute for hairclips but you could attach them to scrunchies, brooch pins, keyrings ... you get the idea. I've also been putting them on my bags.

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A striped fabric "saucer" yo-yo on one of my bags. And some nice colour matching, if I may say so!

Anyhoo .... I won't make a show of myself by trying to recreate Heather's beautiful tutorial so first of all go there and get the destructions.
For A large yo-yo I use a saucer and for the small I use a coaster to draw around. Hi tech stuff, this! Are you keeping up?
If you use a felt fabric, you don't need to turn the edge because it doesn't fray (and I think these look really cute and chunky, they would make nice corsages to dress a little girl's Christmas dress, no?)

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A "coaster" yo-yo from felt and vintage button on one of my bags.

So, make your yo-yos (or yo-yo's if you have been through the crappy British education system and don't know your grammar) and sew a little vintage button, or glue a card embellishment, in the middle to hide all your edges.
Now, glue to the hair barrette using either a hot glue gun or strong fabric glue. I use Gutterman's HT2 glue. Squidge a line along the clip and a small amount on the wrong side of your yo-yo(s) and leave for a few minutes, then press your yo-yo in place.
Done! How easy was that?

To attach to bags I use small stitches in matching thread and stitch all around the underside of the yo-yo (but only through the bag shell). I've also used glue successfully. Or you could attach to a brooch pin and then you have a detachable yo-yo.

I'm wondering, now that I have written it out several times, if it shouldn't be yo-yoes - like potatoes and tomatoes? Hmmm .. comments?

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Joanna Butchart said...

how about yo yi as in fungus fungi???