Monday, 31 March 2008

Another tutorial on the way

Lots of people have decoded my not-so-sneaky clue about my latest Etsy item (which I still haven't perfected, I shall be testing a pair tomorrow). And no, I'm not making hair noodles (blech).

Thanks for all your feedback about my recent tutorials. I love doing these, and it seems the more I do, the more ideas I have. So, as long as I have the mojo I shall be sharing my ideas with blogland. I only ask that you please don't repost them without linking to me (and if you've made something from a tutorial I'd love to see it). And yes, I do lie awake at night thinking of how to make something work. Sad.

I'll give you a little hint about my next tutorial:

Picture courtesy of

I made the prototype today and will make another tomorrow which will be photographed and I'm currently writing the tutorial. The writing usually takes me longer than actually making the thing in the first place! It's another easy peasy quick one for fat quarters. I was thinking I'd quite like to do a feature "fat quarter Friday", but I'm worried about the pressure of having to come up with ideas.

Anyway, look out for the tutorial next post - and don't get caught out by April Fool's Day!


jo said...

I seem to solve a lot of my problems in my sleep too!! Fat quarter Friday seems like a good idea.

Indigo Blue said...

I have not worked out where this cute little animal fits in to your tutorial but that little button nose and fur makes him adorable!
I too like the idea of Fat quarter Friday or Fat quarter fortnight to spread things out a little.

Anonymous said...
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