Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mini Refashion - Sweater to vest

I didn't take a before shot of this one, because it was a spare of the moment re-do and I didn't think of it. This literally took 15 minutes to do.


My neighbour donated a big bag of scraps and amongst them was a jumper that was labelled a size 16 but had obviously had a little washing accident. When I tried it on, it fitted perfectly in the body but was way too short in the arms.

I cut off the sleeves (on the sleeve side, so the stitching around the arm hole is intact and therefore won't fray), and added a little ribbon flower. And that's it!


To make the flower I used about 40 inches of thick silk ribbon (about 2"), ran a double length of thread along one edge and pulled the thread to make a gather. I then just rolled it loosely until I liked the shape and stitched it at the base. Then I stitched it to the top.


OK, it's a little short to wear on its own, but with this vintage style blouse underneath I think it looks great!


April said...

So simple and yet so effective! Love the ribbon flower too!
Happy Easter

April xx

Marie said...

Fab vest, I love the flower. Looks great :)

I need to do a refashion on my Lancashire Hotpots T-shirt - way too fugly a style to wear without a bit of a remodel, but I haven't seemed to find the time yet. Add it to the list as always!

Hope you and Mr Marmadaisy have a good Easter if I don't "speak" to you before then.


jo said...

What a great idea. I love reusing old items. The flower looks good too.

Joanna Butchart said...

i really love the flower. Happy Easter

Joleo said...

Anna, it looks lovely, as do you. Yet another way of rescuing items from the back of the wardrobe...

Anonymous said...
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