Sunday, 13 April 2008

The best sliced thing since ....

First of all I'd like to welcome all the new people who have found me through Sew Mama Sew. Thank you for coming, I hope you like my blog and visit me again.

My second thank you goes to Florence and Julia for the tips about Buttonberry. I really needed to make a new throw for our bed but couldn't face a whole heap of cutting out (I have never really made friends with my rotary cutter).

The answer .... sliced fabric!

OK so my design isn't exactly ground breaking but I figured it's an easy enough one that I can do as and when.

What (who) I'm not so pleased with is this spotty dog:

Who has done this to my lovely scarf which I have worn once:

With it being such a loose knit I'm hoping I can fix it without it being too noticeable

Have a great weekend everyone!


MarmaladeKiss said...

oh dear .. you have a very naughty dog ... but ... very cute!! Thanks for the link! Have fun with those moda moments.


Indigo Blue said...

Oh dear. He/she looks very sorry in the photo for what they did to your recently (48hours)completed scarf. Those sorry brown eyes say it all.

Joanna Butchart said...

your poor scarf!!!!!!!!!!! Love the fabric

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh no! Your scarf looks so sad! But golly, that dog is adorable!

I have seen those bundles of sliced fabric & they are so pretty all tightly wound & bundled. It looks like a big project you're taking on--can't wait to see the final result!

Barbara said...

What a naughty dog. He does look rather shame-faced though! I guess he was just trying to snuggle up with it yes?

I too have just discovered these packs of fabric (jelly rolls?) and have been ogling them on various web sites as I hate cutting too. It's only a matter of time I feel before I make the leap and buy some.

Your throw will be lovely.