Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Quick CD case tutorial

I'm sending some CDs out this week, and thought that it would be nice to make some summery cases.

So, here's a quickie tutorial:

You need:
2 pieces of thickish paper (I used some scrapbook paper) cut into 15cm squares (handily, about 1/4 of a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper!)
Good quality paper/ craft glue**

1. Cut pieces out neatly.

2. On the reverse side, mark out a 1 cm margin on all sides.

3. Fold over all sides and use a finger nail or similar to make the creases. Glue down one side (this will be the top, if your paper has one). Then mitre the corner as follows:

4. Mitre the bottom corners.

5. Fold over the other three sides, and repeat on the other piece of paper. Put glue on the patterned bits of one sheet that you have just folded over. Use plenty of glue BUT be careful to only apply it to the folded edges.

6. Carefully match the sides up and press the two paper pieces together.

(All sides enclosed, and a nice, neat top edge).

** Addendum: I've just been playing about with this and instead of glue I used those 1cm strips of sticky dots. It worked much better! Also, I used the tip of an old seam ripper to score the fold lines which gives a crisp edge.


Junie Moon said...

This is a really cute project. We send out a lot of CDs and I'm always trying to figure out a pretty way of presenting them. Your project is perfect and will be very much used. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

Lesley said...

Another fab idea Marmadaisy!! I love the paper you used :)


Lesley said...
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MarmaladeKiss said...

ooh! I have done this with photos before, but didn't think to do it with craft paper ... AND have you seen those "fabric" pattern papers you can get in craft shops? I've seen amy butler and heather baily ones!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I got a cd! I love it and love my apron, thanks!