Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What I did on my Summer holidays.

Well, not really. I spent a lovely couple of days at my parents' house this week, hence the lack of blogging activity. I just had my wrists slapped by Marie.
Nothing like a warm welcome is there?

That's more like it! Anyway, after a few white wine spritzers in the garden we decided on a shopping trip to the Lowry centre on Monday. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take pics inside but I did get a couple.

And when I got home, Mr Marmadaisy had done the signage on the boat!

How cool is that??

We're popping out now for a little spin in her, so will post pics tomorrow.


April said...

glad you had fun.

Love the boat sign!

April xx

Anonymous said...

love the boat. also nothing better than sitting in the garden drinking a wine based drink!!!!!!!!!

Marie said...

ROFL. I'm not the least surprised by the sign at your parents ;)

Good boat signage!

And I didn't wrist slap - I gently enquired as to your good health, and then prodded you a bit ;)


MarmaladeKiss said...

Oh how romantic!!!! swoon.x

twiggypeasticks said...

sounds a great day out, I LOVE your boat
twiggy x


That boat is so cool! Lots of playing out then, I will look for you on the Straits!
x Vicky x

blossomsmum said...

You sneaky snapper, hen did you take those pics? That is one cool boat,have you made the sailor suit yet?glad you had a nice time at home always a pleasure to see

Finn said...

So... you really enjoyed your holidays. I too enjoyed mine on a family trip to San Francisco.