Friday, 20 June 2008

Fat Quarter Friday - "Doggy loggy bags" bag

Hurray! The Fat Quarter Fridays are back! (Admittedly, this one is a little tardy but is is still Friday)

This week's FQF tutorial is another things you didn't know you needed to make yourself. Has anyone else noticed how many crafty bloggers are also animal owners? Most of us, I think. Anyway, when you take 4 dogs to the beach as we did this week (leaving the camera in the car and therefore having NO pictures of the puppy's first paddle. durrrr!) you need a few "loggy bags". For the uninitiated, that means plastic bags to put your dog's poo in.

When you own a dog, every coat pocket, handbag, glove compartment and picnic basket has a stash of bags - until you have a clear out, and then discover that you don't have any in the particular coat you are wearing at the time your dog does a big poo in the middle of the street, and it can be a bit of a pain. So, here is the Marmadaisy "doggy loggy bag" bag. It is based loosely on my carrier bag holders. Please don't copy this design to sell or reproduce, although of course you are more than welcome to make them to use or give away.

(can you tell from this picture that we also use these particular kinds of bags to put treats in when we go for walks?)

You will need:

A strip of fabric 32x26cm

18cm elastic

10cm 1 inch ribbon

A 1 inch thumb clip

To put it together:

Fold the fabric in half, and sew the side seam. Use a zig-zag stitch or overlocker to neaten the raw edges.

Fold over the bottom edge 1cm, press. Then fold over 2cm, press, and sew a channel close to the folded edge - leave a small gap at one end to thread your elastic through.

Secure one end of the elastic to a safety pin, and thread through the channel, knotting the two ends together. Use the tip of some scissors to poke the knot through the hole you left.

Turn inside out. Thread the ribbon through a thump clip, and drop inside the pocket (so it will be on the outside when turned right side out). Pin in the centre and then sew the top seam. Then match the side seams to the top seam, and sew a line 2cm in from the point, to make a flat corner.

Zig zag or overlock the edge again. Then turn the right way around.

You now have a clip at the top, and a gathered elasticated bottom to shove bags in, and quickly pull them out when needed. This is great because usually this is done one-handed (as you have the dog's lead in the other hand).

When not in use it can be stored with your dog's lead, so you never forget!


blossomsmum said...

Another master-piece of ingenuity!!xx

JuliaB said...

ingenious! I don't have a dog, but would certainly make this as a present for friends that do!

Lesley said...

Great idea - may need to make a really masculine one for Moogsdad though!


Tee said...

what's a fabulous idea! ... I used to carry treats in plastic bag stuffed in my pocket whenever took dog out 'training' it was always a tussle to get to treats tho ...

Ginger said...

This is a wonderful idea for dogs.All dog owners need one of these.Thumbs up on this tutorial!
hugs ginger

April said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I made one for my mom for christmas. She loves it. I didn't have an appropriately sized hook thing in my stash but I did have some carabiner clips from the dollar store. I just sewed a little loop from matching fabric and put the clip on it. Works just the same! Another idea for this...I am goingto make one for my sister. She has twins and I have a two year old. When we travel to mom's house we are always stashing those same grocery bags on the door handles for diapers. I figure I can make this out of some cute nursery fabric, make a larger, door knob sized loop on it, and then we have diaper bomb bags at the ready! Thanks!