Thursday, 31 July 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Last night we braved the rain to see The Lord Chamberlain's Men perform at Harlech castle. I love this group; we saw them two years ago and have been dying to catch another of their productions ever since.

They keep the performance as authentic as possible, with a wooden stage and an all male company.

Unfortunately, the weather was so bad they had to halt for a quick non-period squeegy mop of the stage (after Benedick took a nasty tumble off the stage).

The rain soon stopped and as darkness fell the stage looked magical.


blossomsmum said...

Glad you braved the weather after all did your sandwiches get wet though?xx

Marie said...

PMSL @ the "non-period squeegy mop" incident. Not so much fun for poor Benedick though.

I love Much Ado. My favourite Shakespeare play.

Sorry about the *thud* inducing blog post. Eek! I almost put a *Mrs Marmadaisy don't read any further* disclaimer on there too (but was distracted by some pesky people wanting me to do actual work in work. Tisk!).

Glad you had a good time dispite the weather.