Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Playing hookie two days running ... and I don't care!

(Lots of pictures in this one, sorry)
Mr Marmadaisy has been planning to go to his mum's in Oxfordshire for months and because of problems with having no-one to take care of the animals we were not planning on me going, until this week my parents came to the rescue and said they would watch our dogs for us (thanks MUM, I hope you don't regret it!)
You know how when you plan a last minute trip away there's always lots to do: ironing, packing, making lists for the dog sitters, cleaning, gardening ...?
Yesterday I woke up with stomach cramps, sweats, and general crappiness which I can only attribute to Monday night's prawns in spring onion and ginger sauce. So I did none of those things and spent the day on the sofa in my pyjamas. Which meant I had double jobs today. Except, I didn't do them today either, I went here instead:

This is Tre'r Ceiri, an impressive Iron Age Hillfort. It sits some 500-odd feet at the top of this hill. And it's a steep climb!

We were a little worried about the sea mist, but it turned out OK. There are something like 150 huts still visible, I couldn't get too close to take pictures as it's a preservation site and you're not supposed to climb on them.

The site dates back to about 70AD and was a stronghold against the Romans - some walls are still as much as 3m high.

I hope these give you some idea of the height.

Of course, some people always act the arse in photos!

Right at the top of the fort is a Bronze Age Cairn which, unfortunately, we couldn't get to because of this swarm of biting-flying things.

As I went to take a second picture of them I realised that the cloud had dispersed and we were suddenly under attack. Blech.

On the way home we stopped at this sweet little church which we found by accident last year.

St Beuno's Church was a stop off point for Pilgrims on their way to Bardsey Island. It's also the resting place of actor Rupert Davies (TV's Magrait).

It was quite over-run and I really wanted to go in but I didn't like to intrude into the grounds, so I just perched on the wall.

Then we went to see the derelict hotel Pistyll. We drove past this once impressive building about a year ago (which is how we found the church) and had to stop to take a look, I've been itching to go back and take pictures ever since. (By the way, how smart does my car look? Couldn't you just see me living in that great mansion? Hmm read on ...) Unfortunately, it was all fenced off. We did talk once about how amazing it would be to rennovate this fantastic building, but then we found out it's falling into the sea - which is why it's now derelict - and we decided not to put all our money it it!

So that concludes today's trip around the LLeyn. I now have three days' work to do tomorrow but guess what? If it's nice, we're going to take the dogs to the beach instead. Ha!



Lesley said...

Nice shorts and bandana combo Mr Marmadaisy :)

I don't blame you one bit for ignoring the housework and heading out for a walk in the hills. Those hill forts look amazing.


willywagtail said...

Way to go girl and all the rest is the best present you could give yourself.
Love the historical pieces.

Michelle said...

Oh, beautiful, beautiful scenery. Have a great day.


PlanningQueen said...

Just came across your blog and I love your tutorials. I have a little list of things that I want to make. Thanks for sharing them and I will be sure to link back if I blog about them.

Vicky said...

I like your style!!
Boo Hiss to Housework.


April said...

Gorgeous photos. Hope you're feeling better.

Housework should always take second place because it will still be there when it rains and you can't go out to beautiful places like that. The church looks lovely - I have a passion for old churches.

April xx

blossomsmum said...

Sure your mum won't mind if the place is heaving although i'm sure she will post photos ha ha .xx

Julia said...

Looks like you've got your priorities right - you can't afford to waste beautiful days doing housework that'd be criminal. Looks like a gorgeous place too. Have you warned you mum about your dogs boredom threshold - just a thought....

Joleo said...

No that looks about right. I hope you get to the beach as well - housework always remains. Always. It's such a bummer.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

That flying swarm of thingies looks like something out of a movie!!