Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Why I hate people

.. alternative title: I have worked in retail WAAAAAY too long!

This post from my old friend (see what I did there? I did that on purpose teehee) reminded my that I have meaning to share a website with you for ages.

My first job was working in my parents' newspaper kiosk at the train station, my first real job (by which I mean one where I actually got paid the going rate) was in a bakery. I never liked serving the customers, I liked being out back making sandwiches. Honestly!

My next job while I was at university was in the kitchens of a very snooty boarding school where I had to deal with snotty, spoiled, rich kids and snotty, spoiled, rich house staff. But I was a student, and I got fed.

Then when I left university I worked in a bank (oh! I met the most stupid and annoying people ... on both sides of the counter) And with my maths skills I didn't last long...

Finally, I moved to a call centre dealing with business mobile phones. This was a good call centre, not one of those "press 1, press 2" types of places but one where the number you had actually got you put through to a real, live person who knew what they were talking about. Our team was the best trained in the company and eventually I worked as a manager there with a team of very intelligent and sensible (and patient!) people. But the customers .... oh my! And talk about high pressure ...

All this left me with a nervous breakdown aged 25, I took a sixth month break and when I came back to work I couldn't be arsed with it all anymore. I decided to give it all up and move to the countryside.

Which brings me here. If you have ever had to serve stupid, ignorant, rude people, you will get it.


Marie said...

I was only thinking about the train station kiosk the other day when I was in the shiny new (for new read "fugly" station) in town.I was trying to remember what it was called... wasn't it "Just The Ticket" or something like that?

LOL @ the link. I love the one about the woman in the bathroom. PSML.

and I hope that "old" was to imply friends of old, rather than me being actually old... coz you've got 2 and a half months on me remember ;P


Julia said...

I wish I could say I don't understand where you're coming from..... I wish I could say I don't understand how the pressure got to you.... I wish I could say that I don't understand how you hanker for the countryside....but I do. If the children didn't need school ..... we'd be off to who knows where.....

Lesley said...

I loved that link!!

So much on there that I can identify with from previous 'customer-facing' jobs I've done.

I did the call centre thing for a month and hated every single minute of it!


Junie Moon said...

I popped over and read all the entries, what a hoot!

Recently had someone called and ask to speak to "the man of the house." I asked why "the woman of the house" wasn't good enough as that is who I am and I'm the one answering the phone. Their reply, "I want to speak to the man of the house who makes the financial deciions." That aggravated me so badly that I said, "Funny thing about that. I am the financial decision-maker in this house and since you don't want to speak with me, I don't want to speak with you." And I hung up. I'm still quite irritated by that. The stupidity in today's world knows no bounds.

April said...

I remember you working at the station and the bakery.

I worked for a bank just after uni as well, first in the call centre and then front desk - which was way worse. Thank god I had maternity leave as an excuse to get out and never go back!!

April xx