Wednesday, 16 July 2008

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

... or "The blackmail photos from Hell"

I hope Marie doesn't mind me using her Cookie pics (because I naughtily didn't ask. But she has known me for a very long time and is probably used to me borrowing her things)

I spent ages this morning trying to upload a current picture of me to my blogger profile, unsuccessfully. But instead you should go and have a look at this picture of me c.1992. It was taken by my friend, (now an ex-friend :p ) Marie. Funnily enough I don't have many pictures of me from my teenage years because I was convinced I was hideous and hated my teeth. I really wish I could go back and tell myself to cherish those years and keep more momentos. Anyway...

This was the final day of school (I should explain to non-UK readers that compulsory education finishes at 16, at which point you can choose to go on to Higher Education to do A-Levels based on what you want to study at University). We went to a school with a very strict dress code - the uniform had to be worn, no make-up, no jewellery. So this was a "fun day" with no lessons and relaxed rules, hence the non-uniform. It was also 1992, hence the green Pepe jeans and red Adidas trainers. I think this was probably my best outfit at the time.

Picture 1: was taken in Marie's bedroom. She has already gone into detail of the posters on the walls. For the record, I don't think either of us actually liked NKOTB music all that much. But we both wanted Donnie Wahlberg sooooooo badly. In fact, he is still on my "freebie" list! I think I was trying to look intelligent, but I don't know why.

Picture 2: was taken on the school field (you can see groups of similar friends behind us). I should point out that the carrier bag at Mrs Protect The Cookie's feet contained contraband (probably really cheap and nasty cider). And I have just remembered why I am wearing shades but I probably shouldn't say as my mum reads this blog. Remember, Marie?

Oh the memories ... I'll have to have a dig about and see what I can find by way of revenge. My mum swears she has evidence of Marie and me eating Pot Noodles - yeuch - but she has yet to produce the evidence.


April said...

Oh please tell me you don't have any photos of me from that era!!!

April xx

Lesley said...


Mine would be even worse as the eighties was my era!

Sylvie said...

You look good for that era! It was not that easy with such big hair but it was so "in". lolololol