Sunday, 10 August 2008

This is my ..... Work In Progress!

I am knitting a cardigan for myself. This is the first thing I have made on circular needles and the idea is that the back and front pieces are made in one. It's slow going, but getting there.
The yarn was a present from my mum and I love the colours. Hopefully, I'll get to wear it some time this year!

This is my other Work In Progress. At 6 1/2 months, and with 3 older dogs who know the routine, she should be well and truly house-trained by now. But she isn't. She is doing everything else perfectly, but she still hasn't learned how to ask to go out, or that she needs to go when I take her. One of us is doing something wrong!

Thanks to three buttons and kept in a jar

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blossomsmum said...

How can you be angry with a puppy with such love in her eyes?
That pic of her incidentally makes her look like she is suffering from encephalitis..ha ha .x
That wool is knitting up beautifully put it away safely wouldn't want it to get chewed just before completion would we?.xx