Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The great recycling scandal

Image from here.

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time each week making sure that our rubbish (or "trash" if you're in the US) gets sorted properly to be recycled. In many areas of the UK you now get a hefty fine if you inadvertently put a bit of plastic in with your paper. Anyway, I was shocked to see this report this week.

This kind of apathy and "well I've done my bit" attitude quite literally stinks.

I guess the only way is to try to avoid producing so much waste in the first place.


Marie said...

OMG. I'd be well hacked off it that was our council (although knowing our council (as you well do) it wouldn't surprise me if they were in on that little caper).

We try to recycle as much as we can around here. 1) obivously good to be green and 2) you wouldn't believe the grief you can get from a 4 year old these days if you don't do your bit! At least we know something that they're teaching them in school.

Congrats on snagging a place in Trashy's PIF list btw. You just piffed me at the post *groan* ;)


Indigo Blue said...

I simply hope that my council is honouring their half of the bargin when it comes to recycling my carefully sorted out recycling. The trust that any council is doing things properly will be even more important if they start prosecuting the public for not sorting in out properly in the first place. Interesting post.

JuliaB said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! is there any way to find out which councils are responsible for this ... lordy! I shall be investigating tomorrow morning!! x

Primrose Corner said...

We try hard to re-cycle here! I even compost those little bits of cotton fabric that are just too small to use. I'm a bit concerned, no horrified that my local council is mentioned in the article! Better find out some more I think..

Lesley said...

I'm going to have to interrogate the folk at work to see if they know anything about this....especially as my job is to go into schools to tell them why they should be recycling!!


Katy said... surprises to see my local council getting a mention there....

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