Sunday, 8 March 2009


I have spent all day looking on t'interweb for a new house closer to work.

I can't afford the nice areas, so to cheer myself up I played in Youtube for a while.

This Blur video from 1999 is beautiful. Enjoy.


April said...

no luck on the house hunting then?

April xx

Marie said...

Still no joy then. That sucks. Could be worse though - two small snotty people to deal with round at my house. At least you're snot-free ;)

Hope you find something so. Sorry again about Saturday - so typical that its would be one of the few nights I'm actually doing something! We should definitely get together soon.


Primrose Corner said...

You'll get yourself sorted out soon I'm sure.... Take care.

Anonymous said...

Just saying hello! First time I've found your blog! Have added you to my reader!

annfashion said...

Interesting vidio, thank you for sharing, you posts are great!

annfashion said...

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