Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Annual Pilgrimage to Wales pt V

The trouble with drinking games is that one inevitably forgets all the best bits. We couldn't be arsed reading any of the instructions to any of the games we had so we made up our own - with two teams 'Home' and 'Away'. We ended up playing a version of 'Taboo' which raised some interesting points:

  • 2 ('home') heads are better than 3 ('away')
  • Anna's geography is crap
  • Anna's knowledge of Star Trek is crapper
  • ALL of the performa team think that sloth is "the one where you kill people" (truly frightening)
  • When people are drunk, they are unable to read a word on a card without blurting it out
  • Marsharee thinks that rubber balls are made of plastic
  • Both Anna and Anthony think that "tent" is a holiday destination
  • Anthony can't do an Indian accent without offending Indians, Pakistanis and Welsh people
  • Amarula isn't a shot
  • Nor is Amaretto

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