Thursday, 26 July 2007

An evening at the "blay"

Difficult decision tonight .... Big Brother on the tellybox or Ballet Russe in Harlech ....hmmm

Went to see their Cinderella which was, as you'd expect, magical. Not that I know much about ballet (or "blay" as we call it in our house), given that I was blessed at birth with the grace and elegance of a Pot Noodle, but I do like a good show.

We even recognised a few of the dancers from other things we've seen.

I felt a bit sorry for the dance troupe "mice" (half a dozen little girls in grey pjs with whiskers drawn on their faces) when one of their sets of mouse ears fell off and none of them knew if they should pick it up or not. One little mouse picked it up, then put it down again. When they came on the next time they had obviously been told to pick it up but then little earless mouse didn't have the gumption to put it back on her head. Bless.

More professional behaviour from one of the ugly sisters whose prosthetic nose fell off mid-twirl. She picked it up and handed it to wicked step-mother with a flourish who waltzed off-stage with it as if it were all part of the performance. Brilliant. You don't get entertainment like that at Covent Garden!

I'm definitely getting OLD. Not only have I just realised that all my going out clothes are brown or grey, but in the queue for the loo in the interval a 10 year-old girl motioned me in the cubicle before her. Nice to see kids with manners but I rather feel she was more concerned about my elderly weak bladder.

I must get some more piercings and a tattoo .....

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