Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Nightmare present-buying headache -solved!

What do you get for the Mother-in-law who has everything?

This is the question that bugs me every bloody year. I'm never too confident giving hand-made presents to Ant's mum as she is not so much shabby chic as, well, just plain chic.

However, this year I might have just come up trumps.

One batch of personalised, hand-finished and hand-embroidered (OK, the machine did it but I had to put the thread in and make the design) napkins later and I feel I have outdone myself! Not only have I made a great present, but I have managed to spend the entire day doing it and have thus whiled away yet another rainy day without doing any housework. Hurray!

(I should point out that she collects hedgehog related things.)

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Anonymous said...

Sure mum in law will be pleased as punch dont make me any Im a philistine use sleeve to wipe mouth! Luv (the ladee you are going to look after when shes old and selfish!!) xxx