Monday, 9 July 2007

Where there's muck there's more muck

Probably one of the worst things about having antique plumbing is that every so often, and I'm sure I don't need to go into too much detail why, the septic tank gets blocked up. It's fitted with a soak-away which basically prevents it ever becoming full and basically seeps liquid into the surrounding soil. When the thing gets backed up it seeps sewage into the garden along with bits of semi-decomposed toilet paper ... you can imagine!
As we have visitors from fancy London up this coming weekend we decided it might not be the best time to have raw sewage flowing back up into the house (is there EVER a good time?)
So this weekend we spent a good hour and a half with very long bits of wood and buckets of water plunging and sluicing away. Lovely. Despite what Anthony might claim, it has NOTHING to do with my cooking. Anyway, crisis averted.
Anthony has been useless all weekend due to football injuries (and I shall be having words with Performa crowd when they come up for covering for him). Having lost several layers of skin from knees, elbows and various other body parts, he hasn't learned his lesson and is determined to play in the league again next year. He is also rather pleased with his new company knickname "cat in the nets". It's certainly catchier, and far more flattering, than my new name for him, which is "lying-useless-scumbag-do-you-think-I-don't-have-enough-to-do-without-having-to-run-around-after-you-when-you-put-your-back-out-you're-not-twenty-anymore".
On the subject of cats, Polly has managed to catch a bat and about 4 mice this week so well done to her!

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Marie said...

ROFL @ "lying-useless-scumbag-do-you-think-I-don't-have-enough-to-do-without-having-to-run-around-after-you-when-you-put-your-back-out-you're-not-twenty-anymore"

Very catchy I thought :)

Glad to hear it's not just me dealing with the dead-animal-type pussy cat gifts. Baby blue birds for us here - it was like a Disney slasher flick in our conservatory.

Can I also say Eeeeewwwww about the septic tank back flow. Rather you than me :P Glad it's all sorted now.