Monday, 10 September 2007

Poorly Paddy Paw

Try this for a recipe:

1 very bouncy dalmatian

1 run in the garden

1 very sharp bit of slate

Mix well and what you are left with is a pissed off dog and blood all over the kitchen floor.

For the second time in a year Paddy has managed to slice his paw pad open. The last time - you may remember- he sliced the whole pad almost off and ended up with 10 stitches. This time is not so bad and I don't *think* (hope!) he needs a trip to the vet. It seems to be clean. He has actually taken off what would be the tip of his finger. Well, actually his little toe. Yikes. I considered stitches but as there was nothing to stitch thought better of it.

For someone who faints and the mere sight of medical equipment I am becoming a dab hand at dealing with these animal emergencies.

He has made sure that he has had his most pathetic face on all day and I think he has his toes (on his unbandaged feet) crossed for extra chicken in his dinner tonight.

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