Friday, 7 September 2007

This football is a bit prickly .....

Wow, I'm a blogging whirlwind today!

Last night, I was disturbed during "sex change hospital" (and not for the reasons you might think), when Paddy came running in to tell me something. I followed him and as I got into the kitchen, in ran Wizzle. Paddy went straight out of the backdoor and immediately I heard him fighting with Charlie. What were they fighting over?

Well, one of them had found a hedgehog! It's the first one I've seen here in the four, nearly five, years of living here. Amazing! The dogs all wanted to play with it - especially as it had rolled itself into a fun-looking ball. Having no idea what to do with the poor thing I put on some gloves and picked it up. It was breathing but I couldn't tell if it was injured. There was no blood but quite a lot of sloppy dog spit. Anyway, I decided the best thing would be to put him somewhere out of doggy reach and let it sort itself out, so I put it in the field (whether I put it on it's feet, face or arse I have no way of knowing!) It had gone 10 minutes later.

I've never picked up a hedgehog before. By the way, they STINK.

Possibly one of the more bizarre late night encounters I've had ....

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