Monday, 1 October 2007

Wardrobe refashion

OK, an easy one to start with. I bought this dress over the summer, thinking it was a cute little gypsy dress.
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- It even makes my dress form look fat!

That will teach me to try things on properly (and remember I am no longer 17!), it makes me look huge - well, OK HUGER - so it had to go. I've made it into a long length top (because why do tops in the shops these days never actually meet the top of my jeans??). I put slits in the sides to keep the floaty look. I might add some embroidery around the edges to pretty it up a bit.
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(please ignore the scraggy looking me with no make-up on and hair not done)

1 comment:

Marie said...

Hi Hun. Haven't been around online much (things are mental at work at the min) so I've just been having a catch. The top looks great, I agree... what's with the whole top not meeting the jeans thing? Like anyone needs to be unnecessarily exposed to my post-baby belly! Ha!

Do I need to mention how jealous I am about the new sewing machine??? Probably not ;)

Hope all is well with you hun.

love M