Monday, 10 December 2007

Not such good fun at the fair!

Part I - Bum Fair

Well, the craft fair this weekend was a bit of a bust! I won't bang on about it but anyway, here's my stall:

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And here's the woman next to me having a little snooze - so you get an idea how busy it was!

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The worst bit was that after being advised that there was a Chrsitening due at 4pm, most of us decided to stick it out despite lack of custom - only to be told to sling our hooks at 3.30!! Anyway, I won't dwell but let's just say I won't be attending that particular fair again and if you meant to go but didn't get round to it, you didn't miss much!

Part II - Dogs in jumpers

Poor Paddy has really been feeling the cold weather and is spending most of his time in front of the aga, by the radiators or in bed. So I decided to get him a coat. Having looked at them last weekend I decided he didn't really need some designer pooch type coat. Luckily, someone in Ant's office bought him a charity shop jumper for Christmas (as a joke, I hope) so I managed to reconstuct it into a Paddy jumper.

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How I made it:

I put it over Paddy's head to measure how wide it needed to be, then used a stretch zig-zag stitch down both sides (effectively sewing up the arm holes and making a long tube).

I then put it back over his head and carefully snipped his arm holes (on the front) and around the front under his rib cage. You need to get this bit right because you mustn't restrict their movement at all and he should be comfortable and able to go to the toilet without wee-ing on himself.

I then went back to the machine and neatened that all up.

The last bit made the front a bit baggy so I stitched a curved section down the centre front to fit around his chest, lengthways.

Believe me, this dog will NOT do anything he doesn't want to do and I'm sure if he didn't like his jumper he would have ripped it off by now. He seems more than happy with it, and is now nice and snug - even if he does look like he belongs to Timmy Mallett.

Now I have to look out for more to cut up - now that I have the basic shape.

Do you put clothes on your animals?


Joanna Butchart said...

no animals but i my husband wears clothes does that count. I have had two fairs in the last week will be writing about them later. the first was incredibly busy but full of people buying stuff at 10p

bag lady Liz said...

I found you thru u-handblog... funny post about the craft show. I have TOTALLY been there myself! It sucks! But it's always good to try things so you know what not to do next time. Your booth looked juicy, so you did good, even if no one came. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture you took of the woman napping. That's hilarious.