Thursday, 14 February 2008

An Award

This Art Award has been passed to me by Joanna, and I gratefully and humbly accept it. It orginated at Arte y pico and, apparently, has been passed from crafty hand to crafty hand ever since. So, I am honoured to bear the Blogging Olympic torch (or albatross) and quixotically pass it on, with the caveat that I don't actually know why it was originally awarded, because I don't speak Portugese.

The rules are:
  • Post the award on your own blog with a link to the blog it came from
  • Indicate its original link and link to that site.
  • Pass the award on to your five favourite bloggers - people who inspire and stimulate.

So, my favourite blogs to inspire and stimulate are:
I love reading Nikki's blog. I love how weird she is (in the BEST way). When I drop in on her blog, I never know what I'm going to get, and yet, I always know what to expect because she is consistently original and open.
Oh, such a clever and witty lady. This blog reminds me that I have an above average IQ, a university education (almost 2, actually), and am a distant descendant of Lord Byron. This makes me want to write beautiful, well thought out, artistically illustrated and intelligent prose. But then I come back to my own blog and see that I've written about poo and I lose my resolve.
I recently found Wendy because she is on the same OU course as me. I might be bending the rules here, because she doesn't write a craft blog, but I'm feeling rebellious. Anyway, writing is an art, especially the way Wendy writes.
Another new blog to me, I found this one through the OWOH giveaway. I love the pictures and I love the vintage feel of the blog. Also, I'm very fond of sand dunes and salty air (that's a song, by the way).
Protect the cookie: Marie was my bestest friend about six thousand years ago when we were at school. Although our lives are now quite different, we share a love of crafting. I love reading about her crafting triumphs and disasters (and knitting that looks like a willy), and seeing pictures of her frighteningly minime-esque children. Marie keeps me 15 years old. And she has far too much on me to not be included in this list :)
So guys, please accept this award from me, and pass it on. I'm going to post on all these blogs, then I'll have another cup of tea and do my OWOH draw.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

My goodness! Firstly a BIG congratulations to YOU, and secondly I am honored you named me! Thank you so very much! I love your blog as well... and I am so glad to have found some new friends through OWOH!

I will get this posted on my blog soon (I'm just getting over some kind of bug and a bit sluggish, but will update my blog very soon). Thank you again! I'm going to come back here often!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I love that you love that I'm weird. Because my friend, you are a weirdo as well. Thanks for the award! I'm honored! At this moment I am writing at my computer desk while sitting on a tiny stool & my fingers barely reach the keyboard.
As soon as I'm done packing boxes & finding a proper chair, I'll post my award on the ole bloggity-blog.