Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bin there, done that!

(I think that's the worst one yet)

I have often commented that the bin in my sewing room is something of a disgrace. It's one of those wicker things, not very sturdy (it's ALWAYS tipping over and spilling bits of thread all over the place. grrrr), too small and just not good for a crafty room's image.

Inspired by these storage boxes, I got an idea of how to put together something that would do the job. So last night I whipped this up:


And then produced this:


I took pics along the way, but in all honesty I can't claim the tutorial as all my own work. I'm going to mail the very clever lady who made the boxes if she would mind awfully if I posted my version, and if she says it's OK I'll pop it on the blog. Basically, I followed the same idea but I made the shell and lining the same, I used heavy drill to interface my fabric, I used a recycled box to make the case and put it all together in two sections.

NOTE: One needs to be very careful when pinning the top sections together, because if you let the pin stick right out you end up with an injury like this one.


The stupid thing is that I was so careful cutting up my cardboard with a stanley knife, then I go and slice my finger open on a pin!! Durrrr.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

OK, you are just too super crafty. You're like my crafty superhero. I can't believe all the awesome things you whip up lickety-split.

Maybe you can craft up a glittery & sparkly band-aid for that bloody finger of yours.

Marie said...

I was sure I'd commented on this post. I think the blogger comment gremlins must have eaten it - or I didn't actually click "post" as I was sneakily blog-hopping in work.

Ouchy on the finger injury. Things to do with nails always make me feel a bit queasy (a feeling I know you're well accustomed too .... PASS THE SMELLING SALTS!)

The new bin looks fab - and somewhat complicated! Although I could probably do with one to counter act my overflowing plastic Ikea bin!

Indigo Blue said...


melly~ said...

I love that you stopped and took a picture for your blog before applying the first aid. :)
You need the dedicated blogger award! :)
Love your blog!