Monday, 4 February 2008

Lounging Around

Oh it's so nice to be able to sew for me, for pleasure again.


I made my lounge pants this afternoon. I have to say, I know I've made trousers before but these were so easy, I didn't even need instructions. I'm sorry about the pictures but, unlike Amy Butler, I don't have a professional photographer on hand.


I made a couple of changes to Amy's pattern:

I could tell straight away that the legs were too long, and the waist too low. So I adjusted that.


Because my fabric was quite light, and because it had a nice contrast side, I actually made 2 pairs of pants, then put one inside the other and pinned and stitched the seams inwards. I then turned the waistband outwards to create a contrasting casing.


I'm really pleased with the result, although I somehow managed to screw up my button holes (definitely the machine's fault) so I'll have to do a bit of manual fixing.

But overall, I am very pleased, and will definitely be looking out for more fabric to make another pair.


Oh, also, the Very Exciting Thing happened today. But I can't say what it is until probably Sunday. So you'll have to wait xx


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I want yer pants.

Barbara said...

Fabulous lounge pants! What a good idea to make them lined.

Marie said...

Nice pants :)

Did you sneakily go off and get married or something?? You know I'm too impatient to wait for things like this. It's just mean! :P

I shall be watching this space.

love M

Joleo said...

excellent pants! I've had these on my wish list for about six months now, so I think I'll be checking out my local charity shops for something as cool as yours

Joleo said...
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Marie said...

Now I'm seriously intrigued!! Does it have something to do with strawberry's? Or salmon sandwichs? or have you been doing dodgy Kylie impressions on the radio? love M

Marie said...

Sorry. I got smacked by the grammar gremlin. That's what happens when you're trying to post speedily and surreptitiously in work!!

My mind is a-whirl with possibilities ;)

love M

Joanna Butchart said...


Nerissa said...

Your pants are to die for!!

Florence said...

These are on my list of things to make from the In Stitches book - so how lovely to know in advance that it may be a stressfree couple of hours! They look fantastic.

Thank you leaving a lovely comment on my blog. x

blossomsmum said...

Love the pants,alas they would not look as good on me,so NO Iwould not like a pair for Mothersday....Love Mum xx