Sunday, 17 February 2008

One project finished and another started

First of all, I finally finished the socks.

And here they are keeping my feet warm.


They actually took a little more than the promised one skein. I don't know if my tension was wrong, or if it was just that I'd wasted a lot getting it wrong and tangled at the start. Anyway, I was glad I'd bought two balls (although I now don't have enough for another pair, maybe some slightly smaller ones?) The second one was a lot easier though, and I would make them again (but not yet, I'm all socked out). Thank-you to my mum for helping me to make sense of the heel business.

Speaking of, on Saturday I realised that it's only two weeks until Mother's Day. Skimming through my Amy Butler In Stitches, I'd seen a rather sweet thing which I can't name because the recipient reads this blog (religiously, because mums are quite nosey, aren't they?).

But here are some clues:

Some of my present fixin's. Can you see the surprise poking out?

Amy Butler fabric.

I need to hand stitch this bit

The first time I've ever done free hand button holes, this needs tidying up a bit.

It's not a bag, it's something I've never made before. It's something useful (I hope) as well as being pretty and Marmadaisy made.


Joleo said...

I'm intrigued and will now spend some time hunting through In Stitches...No chance of me getting it right though :)

I admire your buttonholes. They defeat me every single time.

Marie said...

I am suitably impressed by the socks. Very cool.

I'm giving serious consideration to ordering that Amy Butler book. I will of course have to hold you entirely responsible. You don't mind do you?

and I have NO recollection of eating Pot Noodle at John's 18th. Hmmmmmmm. I'm very afraid at the prospect of those photographs!


blossomsmum said...

Well I've just looked at it and for the moment I am Foxed! and will be anxiously awaiting the post man on Mother's Day. Message for Marie .... rest assured the photo exists and when retrieved will be posted!!