Thursday, 6 March 2008

Waving not drowning

Helloo! I've been super busy this week, and unfortunately it's mostly been of the un-fun variety.
I won't bore you, but it basically involves (in separate incidents)

  • Spending several hours in casualty with Mr Marmadaisy and his two sprained ligaments
  • Fetching and carrying for Mr Marmadaisy who is on crutches (see above)
  • Cleaning up dog sick
  • Hiking up the mountain to unblock a mini landslide which had stopped our water supply
  • 2 visits to the main Post Station to pick up items that the postman seemed incapable of giving me in person (because that would have involved actually knocking on the front door)
  • Bathing 3 dogs who all rolled in something yucky at the same time
  • Finishing off a 2000 word essay on whether films are art/ social practice/ technology/ business/ all 4
  • Picking up a big bag of clothes for recycling

Well, that's the highlights. In other news I have finished this waste basket for my mum.


And this fabric has arrived (finally) which is going to become a lovely new bag. I probably won't start it until next week, but when I do I'll post piccies (so check back).


I've also been playing with silver, this is my first attempt at an 'antique' tag. I got a bit carried away with the filing so that process needs refining a bit. This picture is also evidence of my essay.


Birthday giveaway coming up ...


Sylvie said...

the tag is beautiful for your first attempt!! I could not do that!

I love the white and green fabric, the one that has the the butterfly one.. really pretty print!

Marie said...

Great tag... is that the silvery stuff you were on about? That fabric looks lush.

Glad to have you back in the land of blogdom.

love xMx

April said...

Wow - I am very impressed with your silver tag - it's lovely.

Sorry to hear you have had a mad time - hope Mr M is recovering

April xx

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your tag is just lovely! And I do love the deco-looking fabric very much!