Thursday, 10 April 2008


Because I'm so busy at the moment with my Welsh exam coming up, loads of essays to research and write, my FQF commitment, work with the Guide Dogs to do and everything else, what I really need is not one, not two but three new projects [insert sarcasm here].

#1 I've just received my Japanese fabric to make my Amy Butler top. I wanted to get this done for April's competition but hmmm... let's see.

#2 I really need (want?) a new patchwork bedspread for our bed. With three dogs in the house things tend to get a bit trashed here. I've bought some gorgeous strip rolls by Moda and, in theory, the simple quilt I want to make shouldn't take too long.

#3 I'm moving on from my "one skein wonders" and have decided to step up my knitting. I've almost finished my current WIP and the next thing will be this vintage pattern.

I'm hoping to avoid the inane grin.

It's no wonder the vacuuming doesn't get done!

This is my 189th post so I must do something for the 200th. I've done a couple of giveaways now so suggestions in the comments box please. What would YOU like?


Dieta said...
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Indigo Blue said...

I am coming up to my 200th post and also need ideas. I have just finished my latest knitting project over Easter but this pattern looks more complicated than I could manage at the moment, although I have found what i think is an idoit proof cardigan/jacket pattern!
What about a themed competition/challenge and get us to do all the work, then pick a winner by people voting on their comments and you post what the prize will be with some simple rulesto get the ball rolling. People could advertise it on their blogs to help. I took part in a recycling challenge on an American blog to celebrate the 1st year of her blog. It was good fun and I have been firmly in touch since.
Just a thought.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I've no ideas for your 200th post celebration. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be fab.
But you HAVE to finish knitting that sweater & do the SAME pose as in the pattern. That would give a good laugh!

gaohui said...

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