Monday, 29 September 2008

Being very brave

Thank you for all the kind comments about Mr Marmadaisy.
Because of wearing a cast (which **fingers crossed** comes off on Friday), he can't do all the usual "man-jobs" around the place. Which means I had to conquer my fear of ladders this week to mend a crack in the outside wall.
I mean, I'm fine with heights, it's just being at a great height on a wobbly thing that I'm not too happy about.

Here I am getting stuck half-way.

Here I am getting stuck three quarters of the way up.

And here I am letting go of the rungs long enough to actually fill the crack.



Josie said...

wow, well done going up a ladder, I hate heights, I get nervous changing a lightbulb,
especially at the top of the stairs!
Josie x

Primrose Corner said...

Wow! You're very brave. I hate wobbly ladders......

April said...

well done you - I hate ladders

April xx

blossomsmum said...

OMG it is a good job your mother didn't know you were taking such risks.......ha ha .xx

Sue said...

EEEKK! You're brave!

jo said...

You are so brave I can't even walk up the steps on the back of a slide.

Marie said...

Blimey. I would never have thought you'd have made it up that ladder. You go missus!

Hope Mr Marmadaisy's food is better soon. Sounds ouchy.