Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Why I love Freecycle

Before Mr Marmadaisy hurt his ankle, he had arranged to go to London for the week. Being extra organised, he had booked his train tickets in advance (first class, because they cost a fraction of the price if you book ahead). Anyway, after buggering his ankle he obviosuly couldn't go. The tickets are non-refundable so he thought he might as well give them away on Freecycle. A man came to collect them on Monday night and mentioned that he was using them to visit his elderly mother.

Yesterday, we got a hand written letter:

"Thank you for giving the rail ticket, and giving my son the opportunity to see me in London. He doesn't come very often because he can ill afford it ... and I am no longer able to travel. Thank you again for your generosity."



Josie said...

ah, thats great, I bet she had a lovely day seeing her son again!
Josie x

Marie said...

Awwww. That's so nice.

Your post has some what restored my faith in humanity after the week I've had!


JuliaB said...

AWWWW! that's a "restoring faith in human nature" moment. How lovely. xx

Erin K said...

What a blessing you were able to be for these people. Thanks for sharing this.


Awww how lovely, how terribly nice you were able to do that for them. Every cloud an all that - Mr M was obviously!!! just ment to do in his ankle so the son could see his very special Mum!
Freecycle is so good - at least I think it really works in our part of the world.
x Vicky x

CalicoDaisy said...


April said...

that is very sweet, and so sweet of you to give them away when a lot of people would try to sell them.

Sometimes nice things happen that restore your faith in human nature

April xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Aww that's really lovely, I love Freecycle and just about everyone I've met through it whether or not they've been giving or receiving they have been lovely people.
Twiggy x

gaohui said...

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