Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tree Fella

As seems to be the common theme in blogland this week (at least in the UK) we have been making to most of the break in the rain and tidying up the garden a bit. That's a "Royal" we, of course. I've mainly just been supervising.
The extent of my participation was when I had to drive the tractor with the trailer on while Mr Marmadaisy carried the other end of a 21ft tree.
Anyone who knew me when I was learning to drive will have an idea of what this was like.

What I should have done was take a picture of the original location (the bottom field) so you could appreciate how difficult it was to get this tree from there, across 2 fields, round the back of the house and into position at the end of the garden. After getting it off the tractor we had to carry it between us (6 inches at a time) another 30 feet to position. It's going to form the side of a path that Mr Marmadaisy is making to link two sections of garden.

Watching all that hard work is exhausting!

And here is the "so far" picture of our bonfire. We're having our first bonfire party (get set for your history lesson and Guy pictures)* this year, so it needs to be a goodie.
* My friend April doesn't need the history lesson. I know this because we sat next to each other for 2 years of GCSE history where we learned all about Guy Fawkes.


Ginger said...

That looks like its going be a great bon fire can't wait to see the pictures (I love wood).
Lot of hard work but think of all the fun your going to have.
hugs ginger

blossomsmum said...

How come it was called tree fella and there was only two of you and one was a lady??xx

April said...

Oh Anna, thanks for the mention - you made me laugh so much!!! Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby and all that gang, poor old Guy - history's scapegoat!

Good work on the trees too!

April xx

Lesley said...

Great history links there Missus - I'll be adding 15 points to your geek score :)