Monday, 6 October 2008

Senior moments

Senior moment #1
Half way to my destination, suddenly panicking because I hadn't put my car keys in my bag (I was driving the car at the time)

Senior moment #2
Hunting high and low for sunglasses, which were sitting atop of my head

Senior moment #3
Talking on the phone, suddenly exclaiming "oh no! I've lost my phone"

Senior moment #4
Posting a link to a technical wiring diagram for Mr Marmadaisy's car, instead of a link to April's site (thanks Marie for pointing that out)

Senior moment #5
Sending the same link to my reporter contact at the local paper instead of Mr Marmadaisy, then telling him off for saying he hadn't got it

Senior moment #6
Turning up half an hour late for an event, going into the room, thinking it was the wrong room, and waiting outside until people came out only to realise I had missed the entire thing

These are all in the last week!

And worst of all, Senior moment #7 I caught myself today saying "it's only 11 weeks until Christmas"


willywagtail said...

As life is what happens when you're doing things You appear to have aged without knowing it! ;-)) Cherrie

JuliaB said...

oh dear! This is what usually happens when one has a child .. i remember giving the cats Alpen for breakfast once, while I dished up some lovely cat biscuits for myself!! and I was only 26 at the time!! xx

Indigo Blue said...

At long last I have a soulmate! I am no longer alone in the senior moment league. Trying to put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk is one of my personal favourites.

Columbia Lily said...

this is awesome.

Joleo said...

Gosh, that's an impressive list :) My own favourite was putting the phone in the fridge, when I finished a call while making a cuppa. took me ages to find it when it next rang!

Marie said...

I think your TOGdom is offical. I'll be you've been listening to Radio 2 as well, haven't you??

And please don't tell me it's only 11 weeks to Christmas, that reminds me that I am currently failing miserably in my quest for at least some hand made gifts this year.

Where is the time going?


blossomsmum said...

These sort of things happen when you have too much on your mind and stuff gets jumbled up....well that is the excuse I use all the time nothing to do with age of course.xx

Tiny House said...

Oh my gosh! That's so me--thanks for making me laugh! :O)

April said...

Welcome to Tog-dom - it happens to the best of us - I usually try to use the water filter jug lid as the lid for the kettle!

April xx

Things Hand Made said...

Sounds like a good week then with only 7!

Lesley said...

It comes to us all, doesn't it?!!

I lost my car keys for over a week...until I moved a notepad on the kitchen worktop and there they were! I also do the sunglasses thing ALL the time!!


Dawn said...

I think we all have senior moments!

I went running one time and forgot that I left my sunglasses resting above the brim of my baseball hat.
As I started running they flew off and I though I must have hit a branch on a tree that didn't exist!


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