Sunday, 5 October 2008

This is ... my favourite kitchen appliance

I was going to tidy up for this picture, but decided you might as well see my Aga being used.

It's an original 1950s one, and runs on solid fuel. Truth be told, it's a bear to keep going, but I love the warmth it gives off, especially in Winter.

Here it is drying my washing (I'm not a fan of tumble driers), warming the dogs' towel (it had been raining all day and they have to be wiped down before they come in) and cooking our yummy shrimp and aspargus risotto.

The other good thing is that you can leave the kettle on the top and the water stays warm so it doesn't take so long to boil when you're desperate for that cup of tea.
And there's loads of room around it for when you're doing lots of cooking. What you can't see in this picture is that two of the dogs also have their baskets either side - a favourite place to curl up during the winter!

In the Summer we turn it off for servicing and a good old clean, and I always miss it.
Thanks to handmaiden for this week's theme.


April said...

I love Agas - I am so jealous

April xx

Marie said...

You know, I had the weirdest dream a few weeks back involving an Aga. It was a nice minty green one. As you're the only person I know who actually owns one I guess I'd probably been reading one of your posts and secretly coveting.

I can't say I blame the puppies for wanting to have their beds next to it - in this weather I think I'd be tempted to move mine in too!


jo said...

I turned my Rayburn back on last week and already It's dried a few loads of washing, cooked a few cakes and kept the kitchen nice and warm. I really miss it during the summer and food never tastes as good cooked in my other oven.


I am so envious! - I would dearly love an Aga! You lucky lucky thing! x Vicky x

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