Monday, 24 September 2007

At last! My first bag with "proper" handles

Well, that didn't take very long!

Here it is, my first bag with handles that I haven't made myself. I'm rather chuffed as I have been using the same basic bag pattern for over a year and I'm only just seeing how much else I can do.
This fabric, by the way, is a gorgeous shot silk with chenille embroidery on it that I got for £1.99 /mtr at Dunelm Mill. Which reminds me, Abakahn in Mostyn now have an on-line shop. OK, you don't get the same bargains as you do having a rummage, but it's better than nowt.

I've also just spent an obscene amount of money on some lush Alexander Henry fabric from America. Next - zipped pockets! Woo hoo.

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