Monday, 24 September 2007

Ridiculous weather we're having - and other rants

I thought April was supposed to be the rainy month! Anyway, due to our "September showers", our guineas are now the only ones in the world with their own swimming pool.
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I had to put a bed of hay down which will hopefully soak up some of the mud, and fingers crossed none of them actually drown!
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I have nearly finished another of Lisa Lam's beautiful bags, which is using up some handles I bought about 2 years ago when I first started making bags and never knew how to .. um.. "deal with" them. I just need to sew a few bits together. On the subject of which (rhetorical question coming up) how annoying is it when you sew a bag together, realise it's rubbish, unpick it all, spend ages picking bits of thread out, have to pin it all back together, get it back in the machine, do three stitches and then have the bobbin run out? Arrrgggghh! I HATE THAT!

Right, one more cup of tea and I'm determined to get that bag finished!

Blog ya later!

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