Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Something is afoot ...

Following on from the baby booties, I have more to post about foot related things.

I hate feet, by the way.

First of all, this is about to become a sock (not in the very near future, I imagine). It's very difficult to knit with these dpns. This is the first attempt. It may have to be unravelled. Should all go well, it will (hopefully) be joined by its partner. Then I can wear them. Or not.


Anyway ....

The other foot thing is that we have had another sharp slate + paw incident. Only this time it was Charlie. Charlie is much easier to bandage because he's not quite so nosey about "what's in that box?", "what's that cotton wool for?", "can I eat the disinfectant?", "let me rip the bandage up", "I'm going to tip up the bowl of bloody disinfectant water" (a la Paddy).


It bled a lot, but it's looking OK. We just have to put gaffer tape around it because it hasn't stopped raining since Christmas. Poor Chops.

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