Friday, 4 January 2008

Told you I would be busy!

Well, the wind has died down (a bit) but it's still rotten weather.

So today has been the perfect day to hone my poker skills on Facebook and make this bag for my knitting.


This fabric is by Amy Butler. I've loved it for ages but was never sure what I wanted to make with it.


The lining is the new Moda Secret Squirrel fabric, bought at U-handbag. Can you see the squirrels?


Right, just needs some knitting to go in it!

** Just one thing, this bag (as most) has a very long handle and it's a major pain trying to sew in a straight line. My top tip is that as you stop mid-way to feed your strap, make sure your needle is in the "down" position. My machine has an option for this but if yours doesn't just wind on a little. This also works for sewing in zips - start with the zip half open and when you get to the pull part (I know all the technical terms) leave your needle down in the fabric before you lift the presser foot to do the zip back up and out of the way. No more lines of sewing that look like a dog's hind leg!

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Joanna Butchart said...

this bag is on my to do list for a friend.