Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Goodies and baddies

The goodies first!

I bought myself these beautiful things from Belle and Boo. Mandy draws the most innocent and whimsical little characters, I was spoiled for choice.


In the end I settled for Journey. I also got myself these buttons, which will stay on the card and be pinned to my notice board.



And just look how beautifully they were addressed (the blurry bits aren't my photography, I just don't want to publish my home address to the world).



So, that's the nice thing.

I suppose this disaster was my own fault for not putting the washing away. Paddy was the culprit, and I think he was trying to make a comment about this.



Mr Marmadaisy bought this jumper for me for Christmas, and I've only worn it once. Being pure new wool it's so gorgeous I don't want to throw it away - I was thinking it could be felted and made into something? But I don't know how to do it. Obviously, there is no way to rescue it as any kind of garment. So, any suggestions?


Marie said...

Very cute Belle and Boo stuff, those buttons are lush.

Naughty Paddy!! Although I can kind of see why he'd need to get revenge for the jumper incident ;)

I've just Googled "felting instructions" and got about a million hits. Maybe it would make a nice tote bag?

love xMx

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I've seen that Belle and Boo shop linked to on another blog before - she does the most darling illustrations!

Thank you again for the award - I mentioned it on my blog along with my five recipients. =)

Joleo said...

Gah! Animals! although to be fair those weren't really his colours.

I've never felted personally, so can't help practically, but wanted to be generally encouraging for whatever you decide to do. A hat perhaps? Beret style?

Indigo Blue said...

I would risk it (be brave) and felt it then make it into a bag, several purses or cut it up in flower shapes and layer them up stitch them to embellish other items/brooches. Put it in the machine with a white towel/ select 60 degree wash, no powder etc and cross your fingers. If you wanted it more dense stick it back in again. It is not an exact science but you have nothing to lose. Many thanks for your comment it made me smile I could just imagine you typing with one hand in the air!? Let us now what you decide to do.

MarmaladeKiss said...

You could make it into a nice snuggly cushion and embelish it with some of those lovely vintage buttons? x

Miss*Laurence said...

Felting this is very simple: boilwash. Of course you can also felt by hand, with hot water and soap.
Now before you felt you jumper, you can cut it out and sew it into anything you want: a bag, a hat, a flower brooch etc, Remember that the shrinkage can be drastic ( in handmade felting 30 to 40 %) so think big before feting.
You can also experiment with random stitching before felting etc. What a shame you didn't get to wear it more!

Jessi said...

sorry bout this... (i have a horrible habit of replying to old posts)

but I think you could make a lovely soft cushion, and a pair of leg warmers (out of the arms), or insted of a cushion you could make a reuseable shopping bag... (that's my kick right now, i'm making all my fav. old tshirts into shopping bags, much to the dismay of my husband!)