Sunday, 3 February 2008


Don't you just hate it when you use a public convenience (for a number 1, I might add) only to find a "floater"? Why can't people flush?

Anyway, this rather random story is brought to you by Caernarfon "shopping" centre (ahem) and a rather funny anecdote that it reminded me of.

In my last job, the ladies' toilets were tiny and only had two stalls, as we worked in an old building with not quite enough facilities.

Anyway, I popped to the loo one day, only to find that the first cubicle was full of, well, you can imagine. And it was a massive one, too. "Eww" I said, and turned around and went into the next cubicle. I did my, erm, "tinkle", and was washing my hands when another lady walked in, and went into the first cubicle. She saw what I had just seen and, like me, said "eww" and turned around to go into the next stall (the one I had just vacated). Our eyes met. For some inexplicable reason I proudly announced "I've just done that!" ... and then I wondered why she looked disgusted.

It was only as I reached my desk that it dawned on me. I meant, of course, that I had just done the extact same thing as she had. She obviously thought I was referring to the massive turd. Eight years on the image of that woman's face still haunts me.

It's a true story!


MarmaladeKiss said...

LOL!!! This story has made me laugh out loud and it's brightened up my day! I think that might haunt you for a long time yet!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

HAHA! I love that story!

Marmadaisy said...
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newcreationart said...

Too funny! It seems like that's a daily occurance at the camp I work at. At least it's more expected with kids than adults to not flush. I'm sure that other woman still remembers her experience, as well. :)

blossomsmum said...

I remember the incident well.xx