Friday, 3 October 2008

I ...

I got this from April.

I am: kind
I think: of others
I know: tomorrow's another day
I have: love
I wish: I hadn't wanted all the wrong things - and got them
I hate: waste
I miss: the naivety of youth
I fear: making the same mistake twice
I hear: a dog whining and the beach boys
I smell: wet dogs
I crave: sleep
I search: for latent talent
I wonder: if I'll ever get married
I regret: rien
I love: all the important people
I ache: too much for my age
I am not: stupid
I believe: in karma
I dance: badly (but with gusto)
I sing: ditto
I cry: at the slightest thing
I fight: for my beliefs
I win: some
I lose: some
I never: eat meat
I always: mean it
I confuse: most people
I listen: actively
I can usually be found: under two or three dogs
I am scared: too often
I need: validation
I am happy about: how things turned out
I imagine: the possibilties

Let's hear all about YOU!

** Sorry April about the wrong link. I blame the red wine.


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I love it, and would like to use this on my Blog as well. What a wonderful idea!
Sunshine (jenn of magnolia, texas)

April said...

that's lovely

April xx

Things Hand Made said...

Thats a lovely one. Thanks

Lory said...

How cute! I'll do one for my blog. Thanks for sharing yours.


Marie said...

Do you know that clickly link on April's name sends you to some random technical diagram? Bizarre.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I just did this---thanks for sharing!